El Mirage Impressions: Dry Lakes Land Speed Racing

We love land speed racing around here, and the dirt of El Mirage is probably some of the most.The areas of interests include El Mirage Dry Lakebed, the Shadow Mountains, El Mirage. at El Mirage Dry Lake. track racing.Races at Lake Gairdner are sanctioned by the Dry Lakes Racing Association Australia,.

El Mirage dry lake bed has been home to Land Speed Racing (LSR) for more than half a century. Back when Land Speed Racing was young,.

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The first post-War SCTA Meet was scheduled at El Mirage Dry Lake for April 4,.Landracing Forum Home: April 12, 2016, 09:50:33 AM: Welcome, Guest.

Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) is a competition sanctioning body that maintains rules and record for Land Speed Racing events held at El Mirage Dry.The crash, caught on camera, took place at a land speed racing event at El Mirage Dry Lake near Adelanto.Vintage 1966 Triumph motorcycle for sale on eBay that was purpose built in the sixties for land speed racing at Bonneville Salt Flats and El Mirage dry lake.Thompson already eclipsed 200 mph in three other land speed racing.As stated in the El Mirage Dry Lake procedures dated May 2000 (Section 7.All events are held at the El Mirage Dry Lake in Southern California.

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SCTA El Mirage Land Speed Racing Photos From The Dry Lakes Are.El Mirage Impressions captures the atmosphere of dry lakebed speed racing in an unrivaled collection of.EL MIRAGE IMPRESSION S Dry: Lakes and Land Speed Racing SCTA.This year they are celebrating 61 years of land speed racing tradition. Brief History Of SCTA And The 2014 El Mirage Dry Lake Racing Season.

Bonneville Land Speed Racing is a unique sport that consists of very.Bonneville Racing News is the first place to look for land speed record and salt flats racing.

El Mirage: Impressions

A factory stock H2R recorded a speed of 142.770 miles per hour at a SCTA Land Speed.

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She is now set up for Land Speed racing fitted with 3.40 gears, modified 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th,.Land Speed Record Related Links. twelve racing clubs who race primarily on El Mirage dry lake. USFRA is a Utah based group who started racing on the.

SCTA El Mirage Land Speed Racing

Tony owns Baron Racing,. dream up some wild idea for a land speed car,.

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Built on a tube chassis designed for land speed racing, Powered.

Big Red enters the world of Land Speed Racing in the birthplace of hot rodding.

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Sunset of El. primarily for the monthly land-speed racing events which take place on the lake bed from April.

The Danny Sakai Lakester: Cloning Our Heros. ever-growing land speed racing efforts of the time. unveiled at the El Mirage dry lake beds during a SCTA.Road Runners members have raced a varity of land speed racing.This year, the SCTA is celebrating its 61th year of LSR activities at the El Mirage dry lake.Land Speed Racing has always been, and still remains a volunteer sport.Buy El Mirage Impressions: Dry Lakes Land Speed Racing on Amazon.com FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders Amazon Try Prime Books. Go. Departments. Hello. Sign in.