Stone Age Sites and their Natural Environment: The Capital Area of Northern Oman. Part III Reihe a Naturwissenschaften

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Lunella coronata in a rock pool at Sabiyah, Kuwait

Archaeology Network Maps

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Shell beads and bracelet from Al-Haddah BJD-1, Oman

Changing moisture sources over the last 330,000 years in Northern Oman from.

Oyster Shells

Stone Age Sites and their Natural Environment, the Capital Area of Northern Oman, Part III.

Reihe A (Naturwissenschaften) : Stone Age Sites and their Natural ...

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Stone Age Bone Fish Hooks

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Shell beads and adornments from Khor Milkh 1.1, Oman

Stone Age Sites and their Natural Environment: The Capital Area of Northern Oman Part III.

Shell beads and adornments from Trench G of Wadi Wutayya, Oman

Shells and Archaeology - Work in Progress